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About Holistic Animal Care

The Clinic

The clinic opened in 1997.  Because of a commitment to a clean environment for our patients, our clients and ourselves, we installed natural flooring and used low VOC paint.  We use non-toxic cleaning products.  The clinic has been dowsed and we use radiation protection devices to mitigate the effects energy pollution.  Our patients are happy with the homelike, low-stress environment.

The supplements we carry are made from whole food ingredients, including glandular products and organic herbs and vegetables. And all of our medicines are made from natural substances.

Holistic Animal Care is a member of Green America ( To reduce our carbon footprint, we recycle and re-use.  We also contribute to Native Energy (funding windmill construction:

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve lives of animal companions and their families. To that end, we offer a holistic approach to the prevention and treatment of disease, utilizing homeopathy, clinical nutrition and education.

We emphasize the essential connection between diet and health by actively using whole, GMO-free foods to help restore and maintain health. We use homeopathic remedies to gently rebalance the life force. And to address environmental disease, we teach people how to recognize and mitigate the effects of environmental toxins and energy pollution.

About the Doctor

Dr. Chalmers received her DVM degree in 1984.  After graduation she returned home to Sonoma County, and worked part time at an equine practice and part time in a small animal hospital.  Uncomfortable with the invasiveness of conventional practice she decided to specialize in dermatology and was accepted into the residency program at the University of Georgia.  She completed her training there and in 1992, was board certified by the American College of Veterinary Dermatology (Diplomate, ACVD).

Dr. Chalmers was introduced to homeopathy in 1991, and it immediately resonated.  The following year she enrolled in the first veterinary homeopathy course offered in this country (taught by Dr. Richard Pitcairn).  She completed the training requirements established by the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, was certified in 1995 (CVH), and began treating animals using homeopathic remedies instead of drugs.   Her practice has been entirely holistic since the year 2000.  In 2009, she began her study of clinical nutrition out of concern about the increasing prevalence of environmental disease.   As a result, we introduced muscle testing (energy testing) so that we can tailor specific nutritional protocols for each patient. In March 2014, she completed a year-long advanced course in nutrition so that we can now treat the more challenging diseases of the 21st century, including antibiotic resistant infections environmental disease and GMO (genetically modified organism) toxicity.

She has served on the AVH Certification Committee since 1997.  In 2009, she helped form the Homeopathy Working Group, a veterinary teaching group.  She is now offering lectures about environmental disease and nutritional therapy.  Other interests include dance and poetry.  Her book, Beyond Boundaries: Poetry and Prose for the Awakened Heart is available through

About Lindsay

Lindsay's moved to Sonoma county (from Seattle) in 1998 to take some courses in alternative medicine.  She attended the California School of Herbal Studies and earned certificates in Herbalism.  She later took a course in Equinology (in 2001) and earned a certificate in Equine Sports Massage.  This eventually led to a job in a conventional small animal clinic, but within a year she realized that the philosophy and invasiveness of allopathic medicine were not in alignment with her own values.  After taking time off to give birth to two boys, she returned to veterinary medicine.  She joined Holistic Animal Care in 2009, playing the role of veterinary assistant/receptionist.  Her special rapport with animals and excellent customer service have made her popular with patients and clients.  She also has a rare talent for energy testing (muscle testing) which allows us to do remote testing (by telephone).

About Amber

  Amber joined us in March, 2014.  She has a background in customer service and veterinary medicine.  Though she is new to holistic medicine she has a special aptitude for energy testing; she is now able to assist with muscle testing.  Her cheerful attitude and eagerness to learn, make her a a great team member.  Her special interests include art and cooking. 
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